Most HUNZA fixtures can be specified with an optional frosted or a diffuser lens. The effect of these lenses is to soften the light beam, providing a more diffused lighting effect with less beam definition.

Linear Spread

HUNZA also offers a Linear Spread Lens (#LENSSPREAD) as a further option on many MR16 luminaires. The effect of this lens is to expand and flatten the light beam to cover a wider surface on one plane. The spread effect can be varied by rotating the lens inside the luminaire.

All the above lenses are easily installed by replacing the standard clear lens supplied with the luminaire, or they can be specified when ordering.

Stepped Lenses

Many HUNZA fixtures are now supplied with a stepped lens, which offers increased glass strength and lower maintenance. Stepped lenses can significantly reduce the maintenance requirements of outdoor landscape luminaires by providing a flush finish with the flange. This prevents water pooling and depositing dirt on the surface of the lens, which restricts light output.

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